Snowy Owl

Snow, Polar, white&fluffy sound Christmassy…  That’s how snowy owl became ornament.

Traditional round shape (perforated paper 14Ct), magnificent eyes and Rainbow Gallery Wisper thread for fuzziness. Blackwork feather pattern seems ideal to embroider birds.

Snowy owls are such beautiful birds and thank Harry Potter, who brought them back in trend : )

Provided as PDF with chart and instructions.

Turquoise Whale in bloom

This is my beloved whale.
It’s the turning point in my small business. But it was created almost accidentally. Couple years ago I stitched a lion’s silhouette with leafy pattern designed by Lucie Heaton (from ‘Cross Stitcher’ magazine). And I decided to make a paired design – a whale with flower pattern.       I drew the whale’s silhouette, filled it with old fashion flower motif and stitched it. Months later I sent it for National Needlecraft Awards 2018 (UK) and my whale became one of three finalists and was exhibited at The Spring Knitting & Stitching show in Olympia. I know it’s not huge, but the fact that people liked my work gave me confidence to start ‘Cotton Pixels’

121w x 81h stitches and just three shades of stranded cotton.
No backstitch.

Provided as PDF with chart (colour) and instructions.

‘Egg Folk’

This egg was late for the contest so it doesn’t have that ‘cup’ dilemma : )

The egg is a-la canvas work – a mix of rows of different (easy!) stitches in bright and cheerful colours to wake you up after long greyish-greenish-brownish-novemberish months.

Model is stitched on Linda 27 – nice, soft and suitable for a such patterns (not too large-not too small).

Provided as PDF with pattern, row by row instructions and stitches diagrams.

Easter Egg ‘Bird’

Once upon a time one cross stitch internet-community organised an easter egg designs competition… Participants  got blank chart with outline of egg and cup (approximatly 71h x 46w stitches) and had to design and stitch an egg in any style.

I took part. I just discovered Hardanger embroidery at that time and was fascinated by this technique, so this became the main theme of my easter egg. I didn’t want to stitch egg cup – it was one of the contest’s conditions and it’s in the chart, but you can skip it!

The central part is combination of rows of different decorative stitches and filigree hardanger band in ivory shades. Upper and bottom parts are floral pattern in backstitch, red beads and satin stitch bird.

Model stitched on 27 count Linda, finished size 8.5 x 12 cm (+1.5 cm optional egg cup). The PDF contains chart, row by raw instructions and stitches diagrams.

Although this egg didn’t win the community vote, it got a prize from one of needlecraft brands and organiser!


or “Greek memories”


These pictographs are associated with Greece. There are nine small greek emblems in traditional colours. Easy to stitch to remember sunny lazy days.

Just three shades of DMC threads and 62×62 stitches. Besides stitching this chart as a framed piece or as a top of a box you could add a small piece of wadding, sew layers together in between pictograms (use matched or invisible sewing thread) to get soft squares like a small quilt, then frame it.

This chart is suitable for both Aida and evenweave fabric, but for smooth finish and easy “quilting” use evenweave fabric. Choose any count you wish.

Provided as PDF with pattern and instructions.